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OSO Unrefined: Red Riding Cloak

OSO Unrefined: Red BeastOSO Unrefined: Burgundy MessOSO Unrefined: Blue ExplosionOSO Unrefined: Purple Chaos [...]

New York Anime Festival Fashion Show October 2010

Not long after Otakon’s show, OSO was asked to participate in the New York Anime Festival’s fashion show. Since there was little [...]

OSO Unrefined: Royal Anarchy

Queenly, divine; Anarchy commands wastelands and disorder. From her rusted palace, Anarchy’s freyed reach will find you. A Designer [...]

OSO Unrefined: Purple Metamorphose

Left overs never looked so fabulous! Using the scrap fabrics from Purple Chaos, Purple Metamorphose has a completely different look. SOLD A [...]

OSO Unrefined: Purple Chaos

    Textures to touch; Purple Chaos feels oh, so good with its collaged satin velvet , soft mesh and metalic print. A DesignerR [...]

OSO Unrefined: Blue Explosion

Leave it to Blue Explosion to fight back with flare. Defying both the odds and fashion elitists alike; explosions just can’t be contai [...]

OSO Unrefined: Burgundy Mess

  It’s Victorian, it’s deconstructed… it’s a mess. A Designer’s Thoughts Well after completing the Red B [...]

OSO Unrefined: Red Beast

  It’s velvet,  frayed and ready to rock. The Red Beast dress is full of attitude … A Designer’s Thoughts After exha [...]
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