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OSO Unrefined: Red Riding Cloak

OSO Unrefined: Burgundy MessOSO Unrefined: Blue ExplosionOSO Unrefined: Purple MetamorphoseOSO Unrefined: Royal Anarchy [...]

OSO Fair: Wisteria Lace

Dress by OSO. Photography by Seraphim-Imaging. Make-up by Amanda. OSO Fair: Blue RoseOSO Fair: Vogue KittiesOSO Fair: Mint VaseOSO Fair: P [...]

OSO Fair: Rococo Flowered Parfait

Jumper skirt, skirt, pannier, arm cuffs, scarf/caplet, hat, and customized shoes by OSO. Photography by Seraphim-Imaging OSO Fair: Fabergè [...]

OSO Sweet: Puppy Parade

Jumper skirt and hair bows by OSO, shirt thrifted. Photography by Seraphim-Imaging OSO Sweet: Bo Peep [...]

OSO Outrageous: Delicate Disarray

Scraps, frills and trims; were they ever so fun? Let your eyes soak in all the outrageous pattern combinations that make up Delicate Disarra [...]

Fashion Show at RealmsCon 2011

First of all, thank you RealmsCon for inviting OSO to your convention! And thank you to all the models who submitted; we would have used all [...]
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