O So Unrefined

OSO Unrefined: Red Beast


It’s velvet,  frayed and ready to rock. The Red Beast dress is full of attitude …

A Designer’s Thoughts

After exhausting myself in the rigid and strict rules of Lolita design, I exploded. In order to free my mind, I tore apart a yard of red velvet and collaged it onto my dress form. I wanted to be free of patterns and embrace raw edges; I needed to be as far from Lolita as possible. I wish it had been easy. After fussing with my ‘dress collage’ for weeks, I was so frustrated I put it aside. A month went by, two months, three, six. It loomed over me, taunting me on my dress form. I refused to make anything new until I had conquered this ‘Red Beast’. (I had named it so, and it still retains the title.)

I had had it. The Red Beast kept me at bay for too long. A few more weeks were spent battling with the voice in fashion that I was so driven to discover, and it was embodied in a red velvet dress. I never felt completely victorious over my Red Beast; I blame that on my perfectionist nature. It didn’t turn out exactly as I had envisioned, but we now have a working, even friendly relationship. I no longer try to control the Red Beast’s ‘look’; instead I let myself be influenced by it’s unrefined nature.

Dress by OSO, underskirt by Forever 21, hair by J. F. Spillane,  and boots by Wet Seal.

Portrait Excelllence by Beverly

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