O So Unrefined

OSO Unrefined: Purple Metamorphose

Left overs never looked so fabulous! Using the scrap fabrics from Purple Chaos, Purple Metamorphose has a completely different look. SOLD

A Designer’s Thoughts

Purple Chaos had come easily to me, but after its completion I felt like I wanted more. I used the remainder of the materials to make a second, more planned Unrefined design. I also decided to try some new approaches and stray from my more ‘default’ designs. (I generally don’t like to include sleeves in my dresses.) The Purple Metamorphose included a few design elements I’ve always wanted to do successfully; a visible hoop skirt and a collar. I’ve always loved these two aspects and knew that I would one day incorporate them into the perfect design. With each element’s creation I wanted to add more and more, and if it fit with the Purple Metamorphose, I would make it.

Dress, jewelry, hat, hoop skirt and ‘net/lace’ underskirt by OSO, Bloomers by Metamorphose, hair by Ulta, rose appliques by Rosemary’s Cottage Boutique, and boots by ebay.

Portrait Excelllence by Beverly

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