O So Unrefined

OSO Unrefined: Purple Chaos



Textures to touch; Purple Chaos feels oh, so good with its collaged satin velvet , soft mesh and metalic print.

A Designer’s Thoughts

Sometimes designs literally fall together and Purple Chaos was a breath of fresh air. After Blue Explosion, I wanted to design something more similar to my first dress. Whenever I wore the Red Beast out, it was always complimented. (Which helped me accept it over time. It really did take me a while to look at the Red Beast with any sort of affection.)

I also wanted to work with velvet again because I love the feel and aesthetic. I went to the fabric store with purple on my mind, and chose the fabrics that inspired me most. Purple Chaos was started and completed before I knew it.

Dress and black underskirt by OSO, hair by Ulta, jewelry by The Icing, and boots by Hot Topic.

Portrait Excelllence by Beverly

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