O So Unrefined

OSO Unrefined: Burgundy Mess


It’s Victorian, it’s deconstructed… it’s a mess.

A Designer’s Thoughts

Well after completing the Red Beast, I decided to try my luck at collaging a new design onto my dress form. I had let enough time pass to calm the rage I felt whenever I thought about the unpleasant experience of putting my first Unrefined together. I was more patient with Burgundy Mess and tried to enjoy the journey to completion as opposed to dictating the details. (Which was half the battle with the RB.)

My original intention was to create something a little more Lolita styled, but during the making of, it leaned towards Victorian rather than Lolita. I decided to follow through without trying to transform it into something it wasn’t.

Dress, hat and black underskirt by OSO, hair by J. F. Spillane, jewelry custom made by Fleur de Lee, and boots by JoMar.

Portrait Excelllence by Beverly

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