O So Unrefined

OSO Unrefined: Blue Explosion

Leave it to Blue Explosion to fight back with flare. Defying both the odds and fashion elitists alike; explosions just can’t be contained.

A Designer’s Thoughts

The completion of the Burgundy Mess hadn’t left me with the same bad after taste the Red Beast left me with, so I decided to follow up on making a Lolita design. My intention for Blue Explosion was far from what it turned into. The design started as a structured concept that was not supposed to be unrefined. I was halfway through the jumper skirt and remembered why I wanted to get away from traditional Lolita. I tossed aside the design and used the remnants to collage a new dress.

I struggled with the Blue Explosion more than the Burgundy Mess because I had no idea what to do with it; the design didn’t come as naturally. I wanted to limit myself to Lolita-esque elements, but it seemed it would never fit. I almost let it sit for a month before finding the courage to face it. I joke around saying that this is what happens when Lolita throws up.

Dress, hat and blue underskirt by OSO, hair by J. F. Spillane, jewelry custom made by Fleur de Lee, and boots by ebay.

Portrait Excelllence by Beverly

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